Booneshine Brewing Company

While I was in Boone, NC yesterday I stopped at Booneshine Brewing Co. for lunch and some beers. This was my first time visiting this brewery, but will not be my last. They strive to make great beer while still focusing on what makes Boone, NC shine.

This area of North Carolina is called The High Country. This community is all about adventure, whether it is hiking, fishing, skiing, or just being outside. There is a large art influence here as well. Booneshine Brewing Co. wants to connect with the people of Boone and let others know how special this area is to them.

I sat on the patio, on “the rail.” I should have chosen the other side of “the rail” to have a better view of the mountains, but that’s on me. My view for lunch was still pretty amazing!

I had their soft pretzel with beer cheese and a chicken quesadilla with extra sour cream, of course. The beer cheese was thick and clung to the pretzel for the perfect bite!

The beers you ask? I started with Brewing Science Brown Ale.

This is their latest small batch that was brewed in Collaboration with the Appalachian State University Fermentation Science program! It was malt forward with coffee being the strong flavor throughout. I also got notes of caramel and toffee. This beer was right up my alley. I love coffee and caramel.

Next I had their Dank Vader Black IPA. Star Wars fans get excited! I tasted the dank hoppiness right off the bat. The roast comes through on the finish. There is something else on the finish that I can’t put my finger on. I want to call it a floral note, but I might just be crazy. It’s a solid beer!

I couldn’t decide between the Molasses Porter or the Hatchet Coffee Porter so my server, Emily let me taste both. The Molasses Porter was nice and sweet but I had to go with the Hatchet Coffee Porter. I couldn’t resist the strong coffee taste with the milky sweet finish. It’s almost like iced coffee, but beer! Emily said she thought I’d choose that one.

I had to throw this picture in because animal statues with masks are so funny! But seriously let’s keep everyone safe. Booneshine has a great social distancing plan and were very nice but adamant about the masks. They want to keep their customers, community, and staff as safe and healthy as possible.

Booneshine Brewing also has a huge beer garden with a food truck that serves different food than the restaurant. I’ll have to try some of it next time. I really enjoyed my time here. The service was outstanding, the food was awesome, the beer was high quality and the mountain views were beautiful. What more could you ask for?! If you’re in Boone, NC this is a place you should check out!!

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