International Stout Day

Happy International Stout Day!!

The stout is a popular style of beer that comes in many different varieties including, milk stout, Imperial stout, Baltic Porter, and dry stout. It originally meant a strong beer, not a dark beer. In the 18th century the stout porter term was used for porters that were between 7 and 8 percent abv. There is debate going on whether stout should be its own style, but the strength of the beer is what makes it different. After World War 1 the milk stout became popular with a more creamy taste and mouthfeel. The stout is one of the fastest growing styles of beer in the world. Today many breweries have started brewing pastry stouts.

I’m celebrating this International Stout Day with Cabarrus Brewing Company’s Movie Snacks, a candy stout. This would probably fit into the pastry stout category.

This brewery is located in Concord, NC in the historic Gibson Mill complex. The building used to be a textile warehouse. Their taproom is a welcoming area where they want you to feel like you are hanging out with all of your friends. They have a mezzanine area that over looks the taproom where you can hold private parties and events. Their website says the brew house will have tours available in the future. They have live music on Friday and Saturday nights and food trucks every day!

This beer was brewed to celebrate the Gem Theatre, a local landmark in Cabarrus County. It is a single screen theatre that opened in 1936, caught fire in 1942, and reopened in 1948.

Movie Snacks is a 6.5% abv pastry stout brewed with chocolate covered pretzels. The sniff test was chocolate with a lot of breadiness. And the flavor blew me away! It was salted pretzel with sweet chocolate and very rich. This is for sure a dessert beer, but who says you can’t have dessert first?

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