Charleston Holiday Beer Pass

Last weekend I went down to Charleston, SC to visit my brother and sister-in-law and decided to complete the Holiday Beer Pass. Ten breweries in the Brewery District of Charleston are participating in this event that lasts most of December. We had to go to each brewery, have a beer and perform a task to receive a stamp/sticker. The first 200 people to finish won tickets to the 2021 Brewery District Beer Festival. There were some people that finished the first day , so we didn’t think we would be in the first 200. Here is our journey!

First stop was Brewlab Charleston, which was a new spot for all three of us. It’s hasn’t been open long, but was my favorite new place we went. I had their Sabro Juicy IPA. It was hoppy and light with coconut and vanilla really shining through. I really like Sabro hops and also really enjoyed Brewlab Charleston. This was the only place that the task was not social media centered.

They wanted you to buy a beer and donate $5 to ones of the three organizations above. We gave to all three! I also got to put my sticker on their wall!

Next was Edmound’s Oast Brewing Company where we had to take a picture with their hop head.

I drank Maple Coffee Cream (Brown Ale). I got mostly maple in the taste, but the coffee is there and lingers after the finish.

Moving on we went to Tradesman Brewing Company where I tried their Prototype IPA. It was malt forward, but a little thin.

Last bar of the first night was Revelry Brewing, which has been on my list to visit for a while.

I ordered Achtung! Drive By Fruiting W/Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Guava (Berliner Weisse). This is a salty sour, which is how I like my sours. Guava seemed to be the main event, but the passion fruit came through as well. I didn’t get much pineapple. I also put my sticker on their wall!

Day 2 started with Lo-Fi Brewing and their Blueberry Wheat. It is light and refreshing with subtle blueberry notes. We took a picture of their pink unicorn.

Munkle Brewing Co. Was another new to me brewery. We had their Holiday Beer, Kerstavond, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

I could taste the clove, cinnamon and nutmeg in this one. They have an incredible outside area and are very dog friendly out there!

Then we walked to Fatty’s Beer Works where I ordered Boombox Apocalypse, another IPA with Sabro hops. I told you I like that hop! It’s a hop that releases coconut, tropical and stone fruit flavors. The coconut came through nicely! I also placed my sticker on their wall!

We are almost done! Cooper River Brewing Company was up next. We had to take a picture with one of their Blue Heron mascots.

I had their Charleston IPA that was malty with notes of caramel and pine.

Then came Baker & Brewer where we had an appetizer and I ordered Tie Dye Earrings, a sour IPA. It’s sour, malty and a little sweet.

Last stop was Palmetto Brewing Company, which is one of my brother’s favorite breweries in Charleston. I drank ‘Tis the Saison: Belgian Dark Saison and had to buy one of four cups for $1 to get our stamp. On Untappd I just wrote, “it tastes like Christmas.” I think I was finished picking out flavors by this point.

The Charleston Holiday Beer Pass was a super fun activity, but I wish I could have spent more time at each spot and actually gotten to experience them. I understand it is a race, but one and done doesn’t let you get the full impression of the place. Maybe next time the winners can be picked from a raffle of all finishers, since most of the month was given to achieve all the stamps. That way people can spread out their time between each brewery and really find the ones they enjoy. Just a thought.

It was a fun journey! I found some new spots and was able to revisit some other great ones! Until next time Charleston! Cheers! 🤠

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