Four Saints Brewing Company

Saturday I went to Four Saints Brewing Company in Asheboro, North Carolina. Or should we call it Ashebeero?! It is owned by two couples that met in 2008 and started home brewing together, once a month with a couple other friends. They opened the doors of the brewery in May 2015, where they brew “Great Beer for Great People.” They want to creat a space where everyone feels like they belong.

The Four Saints are:

• St. Luke – the patron saint of brewers for his ability to mix ingredients.

• St. Wenceslaus – the patron saint of Czech brewers, since he declared death on hops exporters.

• St. Augustine – the patron saint of beer and brewers since he was a party animal.

• St. Nicholas – the patron saint of beer, because he gave fermented drinks as gifts.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted and invited to sit at the end of the bar, away from other guests, socially distant. The bartender was very helpful in helping choose choose our flights of beer. I had to try a little of everything! My flight did consist of mostly dark beers though.

My flight of beer

First I had their A New Hope Spiced Winter Ale, that was new and their Instagram says it is Star Wars themed. I got cinnamon on the nose, but more nutmeg in the taste followed by the cinnamon. Ginger came through on the back end. This one is an easy drinker.

A New Hope Spiced Winter Ale

Second in my flight was Brown Habit Brown Ale and it was my beer of the day! It smelled slightly nutty and it tasted like a cookie! Obviously a nutty alcoholic cookie. It was so good. They were on their last keg of it so I’m stoked I got to try it before it was gone! Hopefully they will bring it back!

Brown Habit Brown Ale

Next was Bourbon Barrel Aged Impeding Grace (2020). Sniff test is loads of bourbon with notes of chocolate and coffee. This one tastes strong! At 10% abv the bourbon is in your face right off the bat with sweet chocolate rounding out the finish. It’s slightly creamy with a touch of coffee.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Impeding Grace (2020)

Last in my flight was Jamaican Rum Barrel Aged Stout One. I got vanilla in the smell. The taste is mostly spices at first and then the rum and vanilla come through.

Jamaican Rum Barrel Aged Stout One

My friend got their Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse in her flight and gave me a taste. It smelled sour, however the taste was not overwhelmingly sour. I got peach in my sip but there are no peaches in here. There were notes of strawberry and it was slightly salty.

Berliner Punch Berliner Weisse

After the flight we got lunch at Faye’s Diner, the food truck that is at Four Saints Brewing Company Wednesday thru Sunday. I had their fried yard bird sando and yum! It was delicious! Their pimento cheese and fried saltines were also amazing! Who would have thought to fry saltines?! I’m glad they did!

So I wasn’t ready leave after my flight and I had gotten some food in my stomach so I ordered a half pour of Genesis Belgian-style Dubbel. The nose was sweet and malty with some clove. It tastes like banana with clove and spices. I’m not a huge banana fan, but this is a banana beer I can get behind!

Genesis Belgian-style Dubbel

Lastly before we left I got a half pour of Triad’s Brewers’ Association (TBA) Belgian Tripel. This has a bubble gum smell and the taste follows. It is sweet with a strong bubble gum flavor and super smooth. It doesn’t taste like 9.7% abv. This one was a close 2nd to my beer of the day!

Triad Brewers’ Association (TBA) Belgian Tripel

What a great afternoon! If you are in the Asheboro, NC area you should check this spot out! I gave my sticker to the bartender so maybe you will see it while you are there!

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