Bull City Ciderworks

Bull City Ciderworks is based in Durham, North Carolina. It’s also know as the Bull City. They have a location in Lexington, NC and just opened a 3rd spot in Greensboro, NC on Friday January 15th! They are located on State Street in Greensboro where the old Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company used to be. They have repainted, done some landscaping and even added a fire pit!

Bull City Ciderworks uses 100% apple juice, gluten free yeast cultures and never add corn syrup. I have had some of their stuff in bottles before but was excited to try it on draft! So you know I had to get a flight!

Rico Guave

I started with Rico Guave. It smells like apple juice. It is sour, but there is a sweetness in the taste as well. And of course apples.

Rhize Up!

Rhize Up! Has a ginger smell and taste. It is similar to a ginger beer. The cidery’s website says you can use it for a substitute for ginger beer in mules. I’ll have to try that!

Jack & Oak

Jack & Oak was next and smelled like pumpkin pie! Cinnamon and spices lead the taste with pumpkin in the background. This would be a great fall and holiday cider!

Sweet Carolina

Sweet Carolina was what I feel a cider should be. Apple in the smell and taste. It is super sweet. Maybe since I’m from the South and we love our sweet tea, is why I think a cider should be sweet. This is easy to drink and very enjoyable.

Bournonic Tonic

Last in my flight was Bournonic Tonic. This one is bourbon barrel aged! I thought I’d get bourbon on the nose, but apple is what came through strongest. However, bourbon in there in the taste! This is a great cider!

Beetnik by the fire pit

My friend had gotten Beetnik in her flight and loved it. So I had to get one for myself. Look at the color! It’s made with beets. Smells and tastes earthy. This one is rich with the beet taste in it, followed by the apple. I’m not a beet fan, but this is how I would prefer them!

On their website they also have other cocktails that you can mix their cider with. I mentioned to moscow mull, but floats, punches, margaritas and mimosas are on their list as well. You’ll have to do those at home though.

If you are in North Carolina you can find their ciders at different bars, breweries and groceries, but I’d recommend going to the cidery and experiencing what they are doing in the cider world.

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