Barley goes to Doggos Dog Park

Saturday I took Barley to Doggos for a little play time. This was her first time here. She had been to doggie day care a few times and I was told she was good. But what does that mean? I was a little nervous, but wanted to do something fun with her.

At first all the dogs had to come up to see her since she was the “new kid.” She likes dogs her size or smaller, but larger dogs still freak her out a bit. She was a little snappy at first. The staff told me she was fine. She was just letting them know they were in her space and she wasn’t ready for all that.

Then she met Clover! They hit it off and were running around chasing each other. At times I thought they might be getting a bit rough, but they both came back for more and seemed to be enjoying playing together.

While Barley played I decided to grab a beer from the bar they have inside the dog park! Dogs and beer, what more could you ask for! They do have liquor drinks as well. I ordered R & D Brewing’s Storm Brew. This is an American Light Lager and the official beer of the Carolina Hurricanes! It is light, crisp, and refreshing with hints of lemon. At first it was only available at their hockey games but now it is a little more widely distributed. R & D brewing’s team has over 150 years experience in the beer world and use a 3.5 barrel system to do their research and development.

Then Basil showed up and wanted to play with Barley so bad, but Barley just looked at her. Poor thing, she was a sweetheart.

Barley had a great time and now I know she will play with other dogs. The staff at Doggos were great! The were very friendly and made Barley and me both feel very comfortable!

Guess what else Barley got to do! SEE SANTA!!

All Pets Considered pet store was there allowing us to take pictures with Santa and handing out goodies! Barley got some treats and a pass to come back to Doggos and I got a Doggos koozie!!

We will definitely come back multiple times! Maybe even bring my brother and his dog with us! If you have a dog and want to let them play while you have a drink and socialize while watching your dog, then this is the place to do it!

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