Hell On Horse Creek Brewing

Saturday I went to a new to me brewery about 30 minutes from me. As I walked up to the bar I was greeted by the owner/brewer/bartender with, “Welcome to Hell!” And he gave me a run down of the beers. Hell On Horse Creek Brewing is located in downtown Madison, NC and opened inContinue reading “Hell On Horse Creek Brewing”

Montana Beer – Mountains Walking Brewery

Mountains Walking brewery is located in Bozeman, Montana so I was surprised I found these here in North Carolina. We do not get many beer from Montana down here so I had to pick them up when I saw them. Gustav, the founder of Mountains Walking, grew up in Twain and Japan and has studiedContinue reading “Montana Beer – Mountains Walking Brewery”

Barley goes to Doggos Dog Park

Saturday I took Barley to Doggos for a little play time. This was her first time here. She had been to doggie day care a few times and I was told she was good. But what does that mean? I was a little nervous, but wanted to do something fun with her. At first allContinue reading “Barley goes to Doggos Dog Park”