Montana Beer – Mountains Walking Brewery

Mountains Walking brewery is located in Bozeman, Montana so I was surprised I found these here in North Carolina. We do not get many beer from Montana down here so I had to pick them up when I saw them.

Gustav, the founder of Mountains Walking, grew up in Twain and Japan and has studied brewing all over the world! He opened this brewery in 2017. They are family owned and operated. Mountains Walking wants to be a conversation; between the brewers and the beer, between beer and food and between us and them! They believe there are as many beers as there are mountains around them. Gustav wants to make beers that you can only find in Bozeman.

Mountains Walking has 7000 sqft. of production space and brew on a 10 barrel system with 2 mash tuns that allows them to brew two different beers at the same time. They are releasing a couple new beverage brands this month and are working on some things in Asia, where Gustav grew up. There are plans to brew sake and doing a sake/sour blend in the future!

I made my own flight!

  • Light Dusting (NEIPA) 5.5% – smells of grapefruit rind,stone fruit and citrus. The taste is way more subtle than the smell, but I got the citrus and grapefruit. It is light and refreshing with a dry finish.
  • Twisted Karma (sour) 5.3% – raspberry and berries in general on the sniff. It is light, slightly tart and sour, with a little saltiness. I like my sours salty. There is a nice raspberry flavor.
  • Sweets-Peach Cobbler (sour/fruited Berliner Weisse) 6% – this one smells like a cobbler, with a sweet breadiness and peach notes. You can taste a warm peach cobbler just from the smell. It’s just a touch sour and way sweet. I get peach and graham cracker, probably from the cinnamon. It’s great!!
  • Dessert Cart-Pecans & Caramel (Imperial/Double Pastry Stout) 10% – the nose is roasted pecans with chocolate, caramel and very rich. It’s like a pecan brownie drizzled with caramel. Rich bitter chocolate with nuttiness right behind and caramel on the finish. It is a dessert!

I also did a cuvee with Twisted Karma and Dessert Cart-Pecans & Caramel. A cuvee is a mix of two or more different beers. By mixing these two together it tones down the sour and saltiness, but leaves the raspberry and the caramel. It also takes away the nuttiness. It’s good, but I like them better on their own.

This was a great introduction to Montana beer and Gustav was really helpful when I reached out for a little into about his brewery. Their is a ton of info on their website as well! After trying these beers and talking to Gustav I really would love to visit this brewery in person! I will have to make my way up to Montana during the Summer sometime, because I could not handle all the snow and freezing temperatures in the Winter.

2 thoughts on “Montana Beer – Mountains Walking Brewery

  1. These beers sound amazing! The Sweets/Peach Cobbler sounds amazing!!! I definitely learned something new from this read – cuvée! Will definitely be looking to you to increase my beer knowledge! Again, super proud of you 😉🍻

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